Getting Ready to Hit the Trail — Getting the C.O. on the Stagecoach Bar

James Arness (June 03, 2011) ...Gunsmoke

Update 4/23/12: We learned Friday from our client that he now has his C.O. (certificate of occupancy) from the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Health. Watch for finished photos soon!

It’s fun to see a project coming to fruition, especially when the process of getting there has already been a dusty trail. Almost a year ago, our client, a partner in several local pubs such as the KooKoo Room, asked us to look at some leftover space in a building in Buckhead in Atlanta, by the Park Bench Tavern on Irby Street. We discussed his idea for a bar themed on the Wild West — yeah the dusty trail, long & winding roads, stagecoaches, horses & saddles, cowboys, cowgirls. Along the way, he procured an actual stagecoach, crafted over many years by a talented woodworker, and it’s now a main part of the experience here.


We looked at the deep, narrow space and thought the idea of Western trails suggested a bar that twisted a bit, and we discussed horse-saddle stools. This was what we came up with. You can wander through, git a drink with your pardner, set a spell on the saddle, then find the wide open spaces out back.

Finally, we’re almost at the end of the road traveled so far. The health department wants a couple of adjustment to equipment locations; we met the building inspector today, who made helpful suggestions about door swings, accessibility, and hardware. (Yes, we do mean helpful — fun also means safe in our places!) Vendors are pouring through the doors; stockrooms are filling in anticipation. Dare we hope Marshal Dillon and Miss Kitty will be pouring shots soon? We’ll keep you posted. Looking forward to the Grand Opening!

Stagecoach Bar

Looking toward the front entrance

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